The Globe Jumpers

The “Globe jumpers” are two adventurers living in Montreal, looking to experience life to the fullest. At first they wanted to share their passion for travelling, but then their adventures became a true humanitarian project. In 2013 they backpacked across the Mongolian desert to China with a girl with down syndrome proving that people living with a handicap can excel when the opportunity arises, and that travel and discovery are accessible to all. In 2014, they chose to "jump" to Central Africa, Burundi, accompanied by a dozen volunteers from France, Canada, and Lebanon. They helped in the creation of a support center for the mentally handicapped and their families. Amazed by their drive and passion to help spread awareness about people with disabilities, Veco decided to partner up with the Globe jumpers, and together help those in need. Every time a Veco is purchased a percentage of the profits are given to the globe jumpers so they can pursue their continuous help to the support center in Burundi and to the many more to come.  

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