How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference...

VECO electric bicycle is a young dynamic firm offering high quality affordable Electric Bicycle. Our goal is to promote more sustainable forms of transportation in Quebec and Canada, all with the goal of reducing traffic and rendering your commuting faster easier and greener.

Veco electric bicycle is also in collaboration with La Gang à Rambrou a non profit organization that helps artists with intellectual disability to land real job opportunities and show the world that despite their disability they are ready they are willing and they are capable. 

Working under the "Ready Wiling and Able" program, Veco Electric Bicycle has decided to hire different artists from La Gang a Rambrou in order to paint our bicycles. They worked really hard and did an amazing job in making our veco colourful and full of life.  Thanks to the talented artists our bicycles became a real piece of art. 

With every painted Veco Electric bicycle, 15% will be given to la Gang a Rambrou so they can continue their beautiful journey and hard work. 

Do you have a special design in mind, please communicate with us at and we would be happy to forward your designs to la Gang a Rambrou so they can transform your Veco into a piece of art in no time ! 


Veco Electric Bicycle also works closely with The “Globe jumpers”.

Who are the Globe Jumpers?

After years spent visiting various local communities around the world, Nader and Imad developed a strong humanitarian conscience: it is through their contact with these communities that they developed the framework for The Globe Jumpers, a non-religious, apolitical, eco-responsible, and socially conscious traveling movement.The idea is to give their fellow travellers the opportunity to bring local solutions to global problems, by pairing grassroots organizations with donors and international volunteers willing to give a helping hand

They helped in the creation of a support center for the mentally handicapped and their families. Amazed by their drive and passion to help spread awareness about people with disabilities, Veco decided to partner up with the Globe jumpers, and together help those in need.

Every time a Veco is purchased a percentage of the profits are given to the globe jumpers so they can pursue their continuous help to the support center in Burundi and to the many more to come. 


Please like and share their page,


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